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Liquid Drain Cleaners

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If you have a clogged sink, your first instinct might be to grab a liquid drain cleaner.  Liquid drain cleaners typically include chemicals such as potassium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, or sodium hydroxide.  These chemicals work to fixsinks that are clogged by grease, hair or other common drain clogging agents.  Liquid drain cleaners that are available for the general public do not typically fix major clogs.  Although liquid drain cleaners can sometimes temporarily help with a clogged sink, they usually do not completely fix the cause of the clog, so you may have some short-term improvement, but the issues with the clogged drain may return sooner over time.Although a liquid drain cleaner is a good, quick solution for the time being, it is still important to contact a professional drain cleaning company.   Professionals who work for a plumbing and drain cleaning company have stronger, professional-grade chemicals and tools to fix specific applications like your sink, toilet, shower, main sewer drain

Full-spectrum Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, All sizes of Drains Cleaned the Same Day!

Full-spectrum Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, All sizes of Drains Cleaned the Same Day!

completely, and they have the knowledge and experience to do a thorough job in a short amount of time.  Clogged sinks can sometimes get worse over time, so it is important not to procrastinate on calling a drain cleaning company.   It is a terrible inconvenience to have a sink that isn’t available for use, so call a professional before it becomes too late.

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Liquid Drain Cleaners News

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There are various kinds of Liquid Drain Cleaners.  The first variety will be chemical cleaners.  They are available in both solid or liquid form.  Liquid Drain Cleaners generally contain sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), potassium hydroxide or

Details You Should Understand About Drain Cleaning and Liquid Drain Cleaners


It’s important you know which Liquid Drain Cleaners to purchase according to the condition of the drains.  There are several varieties of drainage cleaners.  The first type is chemical Liquid Drain Cleaners.  These come in either solid or  liquid

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Drain cleaning can be a difficult task. This typically requires a professional after the utilization of a liquid drain cleaner fails. In order to be successful, purchasing the proper Liquid Drain Cleaner, which come in either solid and liquid type.

Liquid Drain Cleaners

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