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Goodman Furnaces | Lennox Furnaces | Nordyne Furnaces

Goodman Furnaces | Lennox Furnaces | Nordyne Furnaces

We provide Furnace Installation Services and Free Estimates throughout the Shenandoah Valley daily and all of Virginia at least weekly!

We Sell Dual-Star “Best-in-Industry” Furnaces at our Wholesale Cost + 10%! With the Quantity Manufacturer Wholesale Furnace Discounts that we receive, we are able to provide FREE delivery to you anywhere in the Continental USA!

Goodman Furnace, Lennox Furnace and Nordyne Furnace Sales and Installations at the Guaranteed BEST Prices in the Shenandoah Valley!

Goodman, Lennox and Nordyne High Efficiency Furnaces 92%+ AFUE (efficiency), Economic Automatic Variable Speed Fan, Electronic Ignition, Self-Diagnostic.
Lifetime Guarantee on the Heat Exchanger, 10 years on ALL other parts!

We provide a FREE 1 year Warranty including all Labor as well as 6 and 12 month Scheduled Maintenance on any Furnace or Boiler that we install!

Goodman Furnaces | Lennox Furnaces | Nordyne Furnaces
Wholesale Gas Furnaces and Electric Furnaces

Goodman, Lennox and Nordyne Furnace Sales and Installations Sold Wholesale, Free Furnace Delivery, Gas Furnace Sales, Electric Furnace Sales, Custom Plenum Metal Fabrication

Goodman, Lennox and Nordyne Furnaces Sold Wholesale, FREE 3-day Delivery. We also provide Custom Duct Work and Plenum Metal Fabrication. (540) 457-4822 (HVAC) or Toll-Fee: (866) 729-2215

Gas Heat

Your Price!
45,000 $769*
70,000 $809*
90,000 $949*
120,000 $1,049*
Natural Gas to LP Conversion
Parts kit- Add:
(labor included with installation)
Electric Heat
Approximate BTUs
10 KW (~34,000 BTU) $479*
15 KW (~51,000 BTU) $519*
20 KW (~68,000 BTU)
All Wholesale Furnace Product Prices are set by the manufacturer and are subject to change without notice due to factors beyond our control. Furnace Manufacturers prices are generally good for the season until mid-fall should any price changes occur.
We also provide:
  • Custom Duct Work and Metal Plenum Fabrication.
  • New HVAC unit and removal.
  • Disposal of the old HVAC unit.

Ask us about Home or Business Conversion from Electric or Oil to Gas.

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We also provide Boiler Repair and Replacement.
We never close! Call us anytime!
(540) 457-4822 (HVAC) or Toll-Fee: (866) 729-2215

Goodman Furnaces | Lennox Furnaces | Nordyne Furnaces

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