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HVAC Maintenance Service Agreement

Our HVAC Maintenance Service Agreement is the best plan available locally and is guaranteed to save you money!  Click here to download your copy!

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We are happy to provide you an Industry-Standard HVAC Maintenance Service Agreement. We are just a phone call away 24-7 (540) 457-4822 (HVAC).

Our HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement provides a twice a year inspection of your HVAC system (Heat Pump, Boiler, or Furnace). It is a smart way to effectively and inexpensively examine the resources that make your home a haven from the elements.  Don’t wait for your furnace to cough its last breath or your air conditioner to wave the white flag before giving it a Tune-up.  Does your heater or air conditioner sound more like a jet engine? Are your energy bills getting sky-high?  Our Maintenance Agreement can help fix these problems before they occur.  We schedule and perform maintenance on your furnace or air conditioning system before peak energy usage happens, in order to help keep you cool all summer and warm all winter.  Pre-scheduling an HVAC maintenance tune-up saves you money and energy!

In fact, NUMEROUS NATIONAL HVAC STATISTICS strongly support and recommend Scheduled Biannual HVAC Preventative Maintenance because it provides residential clients:

# 1:  …Savings of at least 12% in annual maintenance costs and averted repairs, which does not take into account our exclusive 15% discount!

# 2:  …Extended life of their covered HVAC equipment by 30% on average!

Routine Furnace and Heat Pump maintenance is vital to efficient, worry-free heating and cooling. Our detailed HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service locates any potential Heat Pump, Furnace, Air Conditioner, Indoor Air Quality, or Boiler issues, as well as any needed HVAC repairs and pending risks.  Allergy sufferers will also greatly benefit from our Free Indoor Air Quality assessment.  Remember, you have a right to live comfortably and breathe well.

Our HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service Inspection includes visually checking and adjusting:

  1. Thermostat calibration
  2. Replace 1 Air Filter ($7 per additional 1″ air filter)
  3. In place, clean and adjustment of blower components
  4. Airflow
  5. Electrical Connections and Contacts
  6. Proper heating and cooling system operation
  7. Installation quality
  8. Equipment area & clearances
  9. Equipment condition and cleanliness
  10.  Measure volts and amps (where indicated)
  11. Lubricate all moving furnace parts
  12. Condenser coil
  13. Evaporator coil
  14. System Start-up
  15. Safety controls
  16. Temperature differentiation
  17. Refrigerant pressures (where indicated)
  18. Condensate drain drainage
  19. Biocidal condensate drain pan treatment
  20. Equipment match
  21. Heat mode
  22. Defrost cycle
  23. Auxiliary heat operation
  24. Heat exchanger
  25. Ignition assembly
  26. Burner assembly
  27. Venting
  28. Vent clearances
  29. Measure temperature difference between supply air and return air

In addition to these 32 system checks, we make your comfort our priority.  Our exclusive Home Health Report Card gives you a thorough review about any risks associated with the air inside your home and the covered units.  Affordable and trustworthy – we are here to help you!  Let us transform your home into the comfortable and inviting destination it should be.

Why should you utilize our

Others may claim they know how to do an AC Tune-Up, but get the facts in writing first.  Here’s the bottom line: nothing compares to our full 32-point* Heating and Cooling Precision Tune-Up by our industry Service Experts. Our tune-ups are so thorough that you will marvel at our HVAC Maintenance Service Agreement expertise because we care about your uninterrupted comfort!  We are, in 2 words, HVAC Experts!

As a valued and appreciated customer, our Maintenance Agreement includes all the valuable benefits described below*.

  • Instant 15% discount on ALL furnace and air conditioner parts and labor.  You save money automatically every day, even more when you need us!
  • Lifetime Thermostat Warranty.  If we ever replace your thermostat once, we’ll replace it for FREE as long as this agreement remains in effect.
  • Priority Service.  This means when you call, your needs come first, no matter how busy we are.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Schedule service at convenient times unavailable to the public, such as evenings and Saturdays without any after hours charge. Your convenience comes first.
  • Grandfathered-In Updates.  As our PM Agreement evolves and changes, any current PM clients are automatically grandfathered-in to receive all new Plan Upgrades that become available.

With all of these benefits, you can relax in style year round, which is the best present of all!  So call us at (540) 457-4822 (HVAC) or (434) 473-7735 to enroll today, or simply schedule an appointment using the link at the top of every web page.  Well go ahead… HVAC Peace-of-Mind has never been cheaper!

HVAC Maintenance Service Agreement

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