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Central Air Conditioning Unit

The mechanism of cooling air in your home or business Central Air Conditioning Unit is complex involving the use of refrigerant, which cycles through an out door heat pump and an indoor air handler. The question to repair or replace when a break down occurs is much easier!

When the temperature of a room rises high enough to meet the preset trigger temperature of your thermostat, the thermostat alerts the heat pump and air handler to begin to cool ambient air temperature. It is a complex and sophisticated process that turns on your Central Air Conditioning Unit and provides you cool, dehumidified air quality and comfort.  Initially, the air-handling unit begins to pull air from your home via cold air returns which are generally more centrally located than the ducts that return the cooled air to your environment.  This provides air cycling through your home.  Air filters are located in the cold air returns and/or next to the air handler in what is a called air return plenum.  Electric air cleaners may also be installed at this point.  The air filtering process is extremely important providing the removal of dust, lint microscopic allergens and pollutants.  This movement of air through the evaporator coil, which have refrigeration coolant cycling through it, removes heat energy from the air.  The heat energy is dissipated and released outdoors through the heat pump coil.  This is the basis of how a central air conditioning unit works.  

Did you know that a residential or commercial Central Air Conditioning Unit should last 15 – 30 years?! Generally speaking, the maintenance that is required every few years when the residential air conditioning unit breaks down ranges from a $150 to as high as $700 (depending on how much freon has been lost and needs to be replaced, which is 1/10th of the cost of replacement!  If you are told that you need to replace your indoor air handler or out door heat pump, please call us for a FREE Installation Quote.  Moreover, keep in mind that over the summer of 2012, we were called to quote on replacing at least 70 Central Air Conditioning Unit, but we were able to repair all but 3 of them!  IN SO DOING, WE EFFECTIVELY SAVED OUR VALUABLE CLIENTS IN ACCESS OF $350,000!


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Central Air Conditioner Unit

Central Air Conditioning Unit Repair

Central Air Conditioning Unit

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