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Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair

Our emphasis is on Heat Pump Repair at a reasonable cost, not replacement at a high cost!

Heat Pump Repair, Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service 7-days a week year-round!

We can service and repair your existing heat pump system!

Did you know a heat pump should last the 15 – 30 years with reasonable maintenance and upkeep?

There are literally a few hundred Heat Pump Repair services in the Shenandoah Valley; unfortunately most confuse the

Heat Pump Repair, Heating and Cooling Repair

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words repair and replace by telling you that you need to replace it and how much money you will save by replacing your heat pump unit whether it works or not. Hhmmm let’s weigh the options, spend a couple thousand to replace your heat pump, or spend a couple hundred to repair it?!?! Some HVAC Contractors are also very good at taking several hundreds of dollars a year from you to make you feel good that someone has looked at the equipment, but done nothing. What we try to do is instead of a yearly or twice a year maintenance is to provide a minor repair or upgrade which will truly save you money and/or improve comfort.

Virginia HVAC and Electrical, we believe that the customer is entitled to have their heat pump repaired or AC unit repaired and modified for maximum performance unless it is too severely damaged and simply not cost effective to do so! Many of the larger companies including local utilities will take advantage of simple problems like singed wires or bad contacts that can be repaired easily at a nominal fee.

There is a gross untruth that after 5 or 10 years of service, a heat pump must be replaced especially if it is icing. The fact is that properly maintained a heat pump will last for many years, even 30 or more especially Gibson, Trane and Rheem. Icing, by the way, is just due to a Freon deficiency, possibly a pin-hole leak that can be hard to find, but certainly more cost effective than replacing it!

We have seen many cases where a system is leaking R-22 refrigerant for many years and the leak is obvious and can be fixed easily instead of adding refrigerant constantly. But repairing a heat pump leak requires a technician who is proficient at brazing!

We have seen situations were several different companies will simply keep adding refrigerant and charging the customer for it until the compressor is ruined. Contrary to popular belief an air conditioner only needs the correct amount of freon 22; adding more will make the system work harder and not cool as well. Conversely, if a heat pump’s coils tend to ice over during maximal cooling, the heat pump may actually lack freon. Also, if you run your unit without refrigerant you will overheat the compressor and burn it out. If this happens, you will have a real mess.

The irony of a heat pump is that if the freon pumps in 1 direction, it heats and in the opposite it will cool. If your heat pump has a bad reversing valve or leak in the coil, more often than not, the unit will not cool or possibly heat depending on where the Reversing Valve sticks. It could possibly be that the Expansion Valve has failed not allowing it to cool. Maybe your Heat Pump is intermittently heating and cooling because the Thermostat, Heat Strip, or a sensor has failed.

It is more cost effective to Repair at a reasonable cost, not Replace at a high cost!

We also provide 24-7 Boiler Repair Services and Sales.

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Heat Pump Repair

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