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Faber Air Conditioning Repair Service

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Virginia HVAC and electrical is an expert Faber Air Conditioning Repair Service and Refrigeration Company.

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Are you looking for an ethical, competent, locally-owned, reasonably priced, prompt, 24-hourRefrigeration, heating and Faber Air Conditioning Repair Service? Check out our Faber Air Conditioning Repair Service, because we endeavor to save you money over our competitors! We offer honest, ethical and competent Faber Air Conditioning Repair Service to clients in Faber VA and all of Nelson County, Virginia. Our Faber Air Conditioning Repair Service experts guarantee you same day service and the best prices available in Faber VA and the rest of Nelson County, Virginia.

Virginia HVAC and electrical- TRUTH #1:
Did you know that a heat pump (outside AC unit) and an air handler (inside furnace-like unit) should last 20-30 years?! At Virginia HVAC and electrical, we believe in providing economical repairs before recommending costly replacements. Frankly, replacements, “Change-outs” as they are termed in the Faber Air Conditioning Repair Service industry, are much easier and have a much greater profit margin than does troubleshooting, which requires a much more extensive and thorough knowledge of how your heat pump and air handler really work thereby saving you, the consumer tons of money! To repair a heat pump or air handler is generally about one-tenth of the cost, which represents a 90% savings to you! A competent AC repair technician can do installations all day long, but a seasoned HVAC installation tech may know absolutely nothing about repairing an otherwise good unit and simply tell you that “you need to replace it all.” We hire competent AC repair technicians, only! Which philosophy would you like your ‘Go-To Air Conditioning Company to have?’ “We can economically repair it.” -or- “Sorry, you need to replace it.” (even when you don’t really need to).

Virginia HVAC and electrical- TRUTH #2:
During the Summer of 2012, We received at least 3-4 calls per week from prospective clients requesting a FREE Quote to replace their heat pump and/or air handler. Our response was (and will always be)… “Please give us a chance to evaluate the problem.” We almost always heard, “No thank you, we have already paid another air conditioning repair service, who informed us that the system needs to be replaced.” About 85% of the time, we were given permission to evaluate and repair the problem, if possible. We are proud to announce, that during this last summer, except for two AC units, we were able to repair every AC unit that we were asked to bid on to replace, because “It needed to be replaced.” This is to say that we saved our new air conditioning clients in excess of $200,000, which is more than $4,000 per client!!!”

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Faber Air Conditioning Repair Service

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